Intuitive Energy Psychology Coaching

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Date(s) - August 23, 2018
12:00 PM - 7:00 PM

The Healing Center

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Intuitive Energy Psychology is a unique approach to effective problem solving that encourages the utilization of intrinsic human qualities (intuition, energy intelligence, sacred wisdom, inherent courage, humility, reality check and personal accountability) that are often taken for granted, ignored, and at times completely denied.

30 Minute Intuitive Energy Psychology Coaching Session:

  • Collect client information regarding present problems and questions
  • Client hand-selects specific number of Yogatsu® Wisdom Cards
  • Decipher the Yogatsu® Wisdom Card layout for clarity, focus and direction
  • Use the reading to pinpoint core issues, create perceptual shift and implement directional change
  • Q&A time

60 Minute Intuitive Energy Psychology Coaching Session:

  • Identify blockages that have prolonged successful conclusion of issues
  • Explore and identify perceptual beliefs and habits that have had a directly affected present problems
  • Implementation of new mental patterns and insights that will bring clearer understanding of why the challenging situations are necessary to quicken personal understanding and growth
  • Receive practical, beneficial, individualized tools to create best outcome
  • Tap into client’s own intuitive wisdom to help them help themselves
  • Q&A time

90 Minute Intuitive Energy Psychology Coaching Session:

  • In addition to the 60 minute session, a full assessment of the biofield (aura, meridians and chakras)
  • Clarify and deepen greater understanding of the mental patterns, emotional habits and false beliefs that inhibit the intuitive insights that lead to personal and spiritual advancement
  • Utilize Energy Psychology to determine the meaning, purpose, opportunities and growth presented in current issues
  • Recognize and discuss the benefits of Spiritual Intelligence and how to tap into it
  • Learn how to tap into Intuitive Intelligence (shown by science to be real and effective when trusted and applied) for best decision making
  • Identify the archetype that drives your mental patterns, decisions and behaviors
  • How to apply, one step at a time, the wisdom, insights and tools that will create a newer perspective
  • Directions for becoming accountable for taking ownership of personal truth and reality
  • How to excavate and utilize the courage to be vulnerable
  • Q&A time

Intuitive Energy Psychologist: Alice Percy Strauss

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