Conscious Meditation and Conscious Dreamwork

In this two-part Workplace Wellness workshop we’ll focus on two scientifically proved practices that have been shown to greatly enhance mental, emotional and physical health:  meditation and dream interpretation. On Saturday we’ll discuss the intention, basic history, medical/scientific research as well as the myriad benefits of meditation. We’ll explore varied ways to meditate, and most importantly, how to continue re-establishing its calming effects throughout the day.

On Sunday we’ll look at the wisdom contained in our individual dreams, as well as explore universal symbols and scenarios that all humans can relate to. We’ll look at how profoundly dreams can improve health, inter-personal relationships, work enthusiasm, general wellbeing, happiness and how to efficiently and effectively weave dream information into greater life-skills and direction.

Tuition: $350 (Saturday and Sunday)     Includes workshop manuals


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