Conscious Living Workshop Series

The Yogatsu Institute for Conscious Living & Healing Studies offers straightforward, no nonsense educational workshops designed to increase greater self-awareness, self-understanding, and self-potential.  Participants will be shown how to apply the information gained from each unique workshop into their lives; offering all that is required to create and sustain the life they desire and deserve.

All workshops provide user-friendly tools carefully designed to bring about forward movement, accountability, clarity, spiritual growth and personal confidence in the areas of their lives that have, in the past, seemed overwhelming and threatening.  Classes are efficient and effective programs that gently expose mental, emotional, attitudinal and spiritual stumbling blocks that sabotage attempts at happiness, contentment, creativity, peace of mind and success in all areas: financial, relational, educational, social, health, career and love.

Each area of study will provide participants with step-by-step instruction into new ways of seeing and doing things that can provide lasting benefits on a personal level as well as on a universal, humanitarian level.

Workshops listed to the right are those currently available through the Yogatsu Institute.

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