In-Tu-It Yoga™ Teacher Certification Program Curriculum

COURSE OUTLINE (200 Hour Program)

Title upon completion of program: Certified In-Tu-It Yoga™ Instructor

Techniques: 100 hours
Each teaching aspirant will be expected to know the English names of the asanas taught in class as well as how to execute them to the best of her/his ability. Proper structural alignment of each asana will be taught. Training in the use of props will be demonstrated and taught, as well as breathing techniques during asana practice. Pranayama, meditation, and visualization techniques/practices will be explored and taught.

Teaching Methodology: 20 hours
Teaching aspirants will be taught how, why and when to use props during asana practice.  Communication skills will be demonstrated and taught, with emphasis on clear speaking, proper structural instruction of each asana, as well as hands on instruction and correction. Aspirants will receive extensive training in the function of each asana, and how to guide future students into proper performance of each asana, with special instructions regarding form, alignment, safety and benefits derived. Clear visual, and spoken, demonstration of each asana will be closely monitored.

Anatomy and Physiology: 20 hours
Each aspirant will be required to know the names and location of each of the major muscles, bones, systems, and glands of the body – in accordance with books and hand-outs given as part of the course. The main function of each of the major organs, glands and systems will be discussed and studied. The mechanics of movement will be taught, as well as the importance of body placement and alignment.

Ethics/Philosophy/Spirituality: 20 hours
Aspirants will be taught the 8 different limbs of yoga and what purpose each serves in physical, mental, emotional, attitudinal, and spiritual growth. A strong emphasis on individual spiritual development, the main tenet of yoga, will be the backbone of the entire teacher certification program. Additionally, students will be introduced to the major philosophical teachings of yoga that are found in the Yoga sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita, the epic story of yoga and how it can be incorporated into all phases of life. Meditation instruction will also take up a good portion of this section of the certification program, as well as insight meditation wherein each moves deeper inside in order to become intimate with self, which then helps to live an exemplary life of a yogi/yogini. Guidelines on the how-to’s of establishing and maintaining a healthy classroom environment will be shared, taught, discussed, and demonstrated. Healthy teacher/student relationships are addressed as well as the problems that can arise when healthy boundaries are not set and carried forth between teacher and student.

Practicum: 10 hours
Each aspirant will be required to instruct 10, one hour classes. Critiques will be given by class instructor, and will include: projection of voice, clear speech, demonstration of asanas (postures) with clear and full explanations, precautions and contraindications given prior to execution of asanas, hands-on guidance and help, proper use of props, and the benefits of each asana. The majority of practicum time and instruction will be given to fellow students until such time as the instructor believes he/she is prepared to teach a regular class.

Electives: 30 hours
Written report on each chapter of:  To Know Yourself by Swami Satchidinanda -or- 30 hours volunteer teaching services in area of your interest/expertise.

Prerequisite: A minimum of 1 year of yoga practice (in class and at home.)

Total classroom hours with teacher/instructor: 170 hours
Independent study or volunteer service: 30 hours
Total: 200 hours

Tuition: $3,000.00

  • $500.00 deposit
  • Full refund of deposit two weeks prior to first class.
  • No refund of tuition once class has begun.

Schedule: To be posted when available.  Please email for more information.

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