Conscious Money

Money is a fluid energy that moves in and out of your life like waves of the ocean moving to and from shore. Since thought, emotion, and intention influence all forms of energy, it makes sense to view money as a form of energy that is easily influenced by its environment. By viewing money in terms of its purchasing power alone, it is rendered only fifty percent effective.

In Conscious Money, you will be asked to think about two concepts related to money: belief and respect. Together we will discuss the beliefs and expectations you have about money, and the degree of respect it is given. Learn new ways of looking at money that will redefine your personal perspectives and working relationship with this ever changing, constantly moving essential commodity. See how your attitudes and emotions about money dictate its availability. Discover ways to better respect, relate to, appreciate, and handle money that will ensure its cyclic recurrence in your life.

Upon completion of Conscious Money, you will be able to understand:

  • Your family legacy regarding money
  • Your ancient expectations and assumptions about money that no longer serve you
  • Your unconscious disrespect and abuse of money
  • Your acceptance of flow in relationship to money
  • Your willingness to live ethically and honorably with money
  • Your use of money in the form of service to others
  • Your level of grace and gratitude for the money you have
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