Chakra 101

Chakras are spiraling vortexes of energy that vibrate at frequencies equivalent to your biological history, biographical story, and your inherent psycho-spiritual wisdom. The level of happiness and health we experience in our body, mind, and spirit, is equal to the level of health experienced within the chakra vortexes.

In Chakra 101, you will learn how to utilize chakra insights to unearth your core-truths, hidden talents, and life-purpose potential. You will learn to hear, trust, and use your intuition for greater success in all areas of your life. By realizing the lessons of the past, you will learn how to utilize those lessons for a greater present and future. Though impossible to avoid pain, illness, change, crisis, and loss, we do not have to let those experiences rip us apart. With chakra guidance, we learn how to not let that happen.

Upon completion of Chakra 101, you will be able to:

  • Connect the dots between chakra imbalance and illness
  • Discover the ultimate benefit of learning from life-challenges and traumas
  • Move through tough times with clarity, understanding, and wisdom
  • Embrace your ability to create lasting change and transformation
  • Determine intention before acting
  • Live consciously, creatively, insightfully, and compassionately
  • Find meaning and purpose for your life


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