Conscious Work/Career

Recent statistics have shown that less than 8% of employed people are happy with their present work situation. For many people finding happiness at work seems difficult, if not utterly impossible. In today’s workplace environment the focus is solely on productivity and the bottom line.

In Conscious Work/Career, you will see that a great deal of your frustration and agony at work is the direct result of your personal perspectives, beliefs, attitudes, and emotional reactions to what is, or is not, occurring. You will realize that you indeed have choice and that if you cannot leave your present job, you must find ways to adjust your attitude in order to remain until another option arises. Additionally, you will rediscover the long forgotten work/career you once dreamed of doing because you loved it so much, and the myriad possibilities at hand to create it in your life presently.

Upon completion of Conscious Work/Career, you will be able to:

  • Make the connection between work issues and learned perspectives/attitudes/reactions
  • Stabilize emotional turbulence and over-reactivity
  • Recognize early signs of exhaustion and burn out
  • Rely on your experienced eye and intuition to anticipate problems
  • Identify and describe your dream work environment
  • Envision your dream job, find a mentor to assist, and take advantage of the resources available
  • Trust your inner wisdom to guide your steps toward fulfillment of your dream work/career
  • Accept that your attitude sets the tone for your life, work, career satisfaction
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