Conscious Body Love

Considering the huge influence of the societal expectations we are given, showing sincere respect, love, and appreciation for the body that houses our divine spirit and infinite soul is one of the hardest life-challenges we face. For many, this will be a life-long battle, and one that will cause tremendous suffering.

In Conscious Body Love, you will be urged to let go of the illusions that you have been brainwashed and coerced into claiming as your own. You will release the popular definitions of beauty that are dictated by a culture whose standards are arbitrary and impossible to meet. The primary goal is to burst the illusion that you will like yourself and become happy when your body looks the way our ego-driven society dictates.

Upon completion of Conscious Body Love, you will be able to:

  • Determine when and why you began judging your body
  • Stop harming your spirit with self-disgust, condemnation, and humiliation
  • Appreciate and own your ideas of beauty and live it
  • Forgive yourself for not being perfect
  • Learn a different language when you think and speak about your body
  • Define and list your attributes, and create your personal style of beauty
  • Release fear of standing out, standing strong, and standing in your own magnificence


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