Conscious Spiritual Development

Though it is not apparent in our chaotic, angry, and fearful world, there is an increasing need to live spiritually. While religion asks its followers to rely on something outside their own being for guidance, assistance, and happiness, spirituality is an innate, internally generated wisdom within every human heart.

In Conscious Spirituality, you will delve deeply into this naturally occurring inner world where universal wisdom meets soul consciousness. Feeling grounded in your sense of personal empowerment, you will experience the inherent sense of oneness that exists between all things. You will feel greater compassion for those less fortunate, which will urge you to perform acts of kindness that will ignite infinite joy, bliss, and good feelings within.

Upon completion of Conscious Spiritual Development, you will be able to:

  • Identify your spiritual wounds (make no mistake, we all have them)
  • Recognize the ways those wounds continue to bleed
  • Discover new and interesting ways to heal and replenish your spirit
  • Cultivate and sustain spiritually inspired activities that express your hobbies/life passion
  • Discover ways to express your spiritual essence without words
  • Learn different ways to continue enhancing and encouraging spiritual growth
  • Create ways to be of service within your community
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