Conscious Energy Psychology

The topic of energy has been the center of much study and discussion in the last several decades.  Presently there are hundreds of books on the subject, and one need not look far for practitioners whose main work focuses on energy manipulation, energy cleansing, and energy healing.

If you are fascinated by the possibility of learning how to heal the internal core cause of your external problems, you will find Conscious Energy Psychology to be both interesting and helpful.

Upon completion of Conscious Energy Psychology, you will understand:

  • The reality of energy: what is it, how it works, and how to read it
  • The basics of the Aura, and its purpose
  • The basics of the Meridians, and their relationship to specific emotions
  • The basics of Chakra education, guidance, and tutoring
  • The biographical and biological history that influences your energy patterns
  • The reality of Chakra intuition, and its role in all areas and phases of life
  • The meaningful information discovered through the experience of illness and suffering


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