Conscious Intuition

The art of intuition has been a specialty of the human species for thousands of years, and has recently become the subject of increasing scientific interest. The average person believes that intuition is the specialty of a gifted few. The truth is everyone has intuition. We tap into it hundreds of times everyday. The problem is that very few of us take the time to listen to it when it speaks, trust it when we do hear it, or act on it.

The Conscious Intuition class is exhilarating, experiential, and hands-on. By end of class, you will be amazed at how easily intuitive information arrives, as well as delighted at your improved intuitive abilities.

Upon completion of Conscious Intuition, you will be able to:

  • Find out what intuition is and where it is located
  • Discover the practicality and reliability of intuition
  • Understand the difference between intuition and imagination
  • Participate in experiments to sharpen your intuitive skills
  • Determine the appropriate use of intuitive information
  • Learn how to overturn rational thinking when intuiting
  • Incorporate intuition into every part of your life and work


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