Introduction to Meditation

Becoming comfortable with aloneness is meditation’s greatest gift. Meditation is the inner space wherein we can privately, quietly and honestly look at who we are and the reality of our lives. With regular meditation practice, the mind becomes uncluttered and calm, able to make good, solid decisions without emotional reactivity. And, scientifically speaking, meditation has proved to be one of man’s greatest healing tools, and natural medicines.

In Introduction to Meditation, you will learn simple ways to meditate that are easy to follow, immediately accessible, and requires nothing more than a quiet, undistracted space for 5-10 minutes. As your meditation practice matures and evolves, you will become quick and proficient at connecting to your inner wisdom, creating mindfulness, and remaining focused during any situation, at any time, and any place.

Upon completion of Introduction to Meditation, you will be able to:

  • Relax the nervous system, and strengthen the immune system
  • Lessen, or completely eradicate, physical pain impulses
  • Calm the mind and create emotional equilibrium
  • Clarify intentions, encourage transformation, and support authentic compassion
  • Help inhibit strong habits, compulsions, and addictions
  • Strengthen mental focus, concentration, memory, and intuition
  • Create and support greater awareness, happiness, and good health
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