In-Tu-It Yoga™ Teacher Certification

To receive the most of your In-Tu-It yoga studies, you will be required to slow down your yoga practice so that you can learn more about your own body and mind, and the chemicals of your emotions that are imprinted into every cell and atom of your body. The ultimate experience is to hear and sense what your spirit is telling you by becoming aware of when and where you experience tension in your body; thus seeing the intimate connection that exists between thoughts, emotions, and physiology. It is precisely through the act of staying in a posture for a few moments that creates the time and space to better hear your soul’s intention.

In-Tu-It yoga shares the same goals as other Hatha yoga teacher training classes, but adds a very important component that is not normally taught in most certification classes: conscious connection between the physical body, the emotions that influence the body, the thoughts that influence those emotions, and the intuitive wisdom that radiates out from the soul. The foundation of In-Tu-It yoga, and the teaching principle that differentiates it from other teacher certification courses, is that intuition is the basic working principle during asana practice.

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