HEARTandSOLE Japanese Foot Acupressure

HEARTandSOLE Japanese Foot Acupressure is a gentle and fascinating healing therapy that combines foot acupressure, energy medicine, and spiritual psychology.

Similar to reflexology, HEARTandSOLE relaxes the body, calms the mind, and regulates energy flow. However, HEARTandSOLE differs from reflexology in that it takes healing to a deeper level. The basic working principles so enmeshed in reflexology have more to do with the physiology of the body while the basic working principles of HEARTandSOLE have more to do with emotional and spiritual aspects: thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, emotions, energy flow, spirituality, intuition, and consciousness.

The bottoms of the feet are perfect microcosmic reflections of the entire body. All systems, organs, glands, and other parts of the body are laid out in the same architectural arrangements as they are in the body. Since the feet “mirror” the placement of the organs, glands, and body areas, when certain points on the feet are stimulated the mirrored body part is also stimulated.

The working hypothesis behind HEARTandSOLE is that the body reflects the mind. If there is pain or illness in the body, the soul and mind are in conflict. When the mind (fear based) and the soul (trust oriented) are not working together, the body will allow the creation of pain and illness as a way to get our attention, to make us aware and become conscious. From that stance, the work of HEARTandSOLE concentrates its efforts to help everyone live their lives peacefully with calm acceptance of the things that cannot be changed, and the courage to change the things that can be. The mental flexibility to change what is no longer working (old beliefs) and transforming them into new, vital, life-supporting energy is the goal of this work.

Through the language of symptoms, the HEARTandSOLE therapist can educate clients in the many unconscious ways unhealthy perceptions, emotions, and attitudes clog the normally healthy energy flow that keeps the body in good working order. The therapist can point out the emotions that tend to be overused, underused, or denied. By deciphering the energetic and spiritual “language” of the fourteen meridians, the seven chakras, information coming forth from the aura, and symptoms, both physical and nonphysical wounds have a chance to heal because of the new insights received energetically, intuitively and spiritually.

When a person’s spirit remains wounded long enough, the body begins to physically act out in like manner. This takes place because the brain, the main control system of the body, cannot differentiate between what is real and what is fantasy. The brain simply produces the chemicals needed to enable the body to physically “act” out an emotion. The mind is absolutely the captain of our ship. In a nutshell:

  • The mind speaks
  • The brain listens
  • The body acts

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