Yogatsu® Coaching

Yogatsu Coaching is an inner exploration wherein individuals take a definitive look at their personal reality. It is a unique form of coaching that promotes awareness and active participation in self-healing.  It incorporates several ancient healing traditions: Yoga Philosophy, Energy Psychology, Intuition, Meditation, Buddhist Psychology, and Spiritual Wisdom.

In essence it:

  • Assists in the identification of unconscious emotional addictions that are reflected through difficult life issues, and the emotional blocks that dilute spiritual wisdom.
  • Empowers the spiritual seeker by assisting in identifying unconscious negative beliefs and fears that have been repressed.
  • Excavates information from the three major energy systems of the body: the aura, meridians, and chakras.
  • Teaches spiritual principles and how to apply them to everyday life situations.
  • Incorporates meditation and visualization to reconnect with inner wisdom, soul-consciousness, and active intuition.

Yogatsu teaches the logic for moving into the vital life-challenges we have been putting off. It instructs in a simple yet profound manner how to transform outdated habitual thoughts and old beliefs into those that encourage good health and greater self-awareness. The act of facing our deepest fears and transcending them rather than running away from them through addictive actions that do not serve us, releases us from our own hand-built prison. Yogatsu pinpoints the energetic, emotional, attitudinal, and spiritual meaning behind specific physical symptoms.

Yogatsu Coaching also:

  • Demonstrates through first hand experience how energy moves through and around the body.
  • Connects physical symptoms with old, unfinished emotional business.
  • Explores residual attitudes created by unhealed emotional wounds and its influence on self-esteem and willpower.
  • Reawakens the intuitive wisdom within.
  • Identifies the “jewel in the mud.”
  • Determines where, when, and how the mind became disconnected from the soul’s intention.
  • Examines the working principles of: universal order, wisdom, and oneness throughout the cosmos.

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